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About Us

The Law Office of Matt Sullivan defends individuals charged with criminal offenses at both the state and federal level. We handle felonies and misdemeanors, both complex and simple offenses.

Our office was founded to help people who find themselves caught in the jaws of the criminal justice system. Our goal is to help to extricate you from the unfortunate situation you are in. Most clients, who are caught in the wheels of the criminal justice system, just want to get out. Our goal is to help you get out before the wheels of the system grind up your life, or take away your freedom. We are aggressive, creative, and tireless in our pursuit of justice in every case, small or large. Our clients have included bank vice-presidents, small business owners, college professors, attorneys, nurses, doctors, firefighters, law enforcement officers, federal government employees, and many regular citizens.

Being charged with a crime can be a scary experience. Our office is dedicated to protecting your individual rights, and to advocating on your behalf. Our criminal justice system is an adversarial system, meaning, there are always two competing sides in every case. We are committed to being your advocate and to fighting for justice for you, no matter what you are charged with.

To represent you the best that we can, we listen to your story, knowing that the best source of information about a case is the client themselves, not a police report. We actually sit down with you and take the time to hear what happened from your perspective. We know that you are a human being, and that events involving human beings are complex and multifaceted, and often cannot be neatly summarized in a police report.

Every case is ultimately about facts, and competing versions of those facts. It is our priority to find out the real facts, and to combat the often misleading version of the facts being presented by the prosecution. We conduct a thorough and comprehensive investigation. We analyze and seek ways to challenge the evidence against you. We are experienced and tenacious and we will fight to protect your rights.

Our office is skilled in strategic analysis of your case, and will work with you to communicate our strategy going forward. You may have a case that has some valid legal issues that can be litigated that will result in favorable rulings for you, like a search and seizure issue or a Miranda violation. Our office knows how to draft and file strong legal motions and how to conduct the appropriate hearings.

If there is forensic evidence in your case, you need to hire an attorney who is experienced with cases involving forensic evidence. In a DUI case, there is often forensic blood evidence that must be challenged. In a weapons case, there may be forensic evidence related to the firearm. In a case involving sex or violence, there are numerous pieces of forensic evidence that must be analyzed and examined. In a fraud or embezzlement case, a forensic accountant may need to be hired. Our office has handled cases involving forensic evidence many times, and has achieved successful results in these types of cases by working with experts and filing the appropriate motions.

If your case is one that must go to trial, we are prepared for that. Our office has achieved successful results at trial. Mr. Sullivan has represented clients at trial in very difficult and complex cases, including crimes of violence, DUI cases, firearms cases, sex cases, domestic violence cases, and computer crime cases. Our office has also worked extensively on financial fraud cases, elder abuse cases, child molestation cases, and drug conspiracy matters. We have additionally litigated post-conviction matters, including new trial motions.

Our commitment is to you and your case and to obtaining the best possible result for you. We will work with you and for you to seek to lift the burden of criminal charges off your shoulders and to help you get your life back on track. Our office philosophy is to fight to win in each phase of your case. We care for our clients, and we care about the results in your case.

Client Reviews
Mr. Sullivan helped me out during a very difficult time for me personally, and I am very satisfied with the outcome. He, unlike other attorneys that I spoke to, wasn't dramatic or falsely enthusiastic, and that was reassuring. He was savvy and realistic, experienced, a listener, flexible and affordable. D. Client
Over the past two years I have experienced extreme legal difficulties. We were unable to get help from anywhere. Within 24 hours of contacting Matt, I felt that I had finally found someone who could assist me in working towards resolving our situation. I highly recommend Mr. Sullivan. B. Client
I hired Mr. Sullivan to represent me in my DUI trial. He fought hard for me in a very difficult case, which we won. I was very happy with his services. It was obvious he cared about me and my case. He is a real attorney who will stand up for you. M.R.