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Case Results

Below is a sample of the cases we have defended and their results. Any results here were dependent on the facts of a particular legal matter and results vary from case to case.

Post-Conviction DNA Testing Case--Client Saved From 32 Year to Life in Prison Sentence (San Mateo County) New trial motion granted on all counts in serious felony sex case after hearing involving complex DNA issues. Case settled prior to retrial, client immediately released from jail.

DUI--Reduced to Dry Reckless (Alameda County) Client, a non-citizen, had his charges reduced to a dry reckless offense after extensive negotiations with the prosecution, which allowed him to continue on his path to citizenship.

Multiple Felony Charges, Assault with a Deadly Weapon--All Charges Dismissed (San Francisco County) All charges dismissed prior to preliminary hearing after defense investigation.

Felony Grand Theft and Credit Card Fraud--All Charges Dismissed (San Mateo County) All charges dismissed prior to preliminary hearing.

Felony Robbery, Domestic Violence--All Felony Charges Dismissed (San Francisco County) All felony charges dismissed, plea to misdemeanor.

Felony Computer Crime Case--No Conviction After 3 Week Trial, Hung Jury (Solano County) Jury deadlocked, mistrial declared.

Felony Sale of Marijuana, Felony Cultivation of Marijuana--All Felony Charges Dismissed (Napa County) Client arrested at grow house and accused of sales and cultivation. All felony charges dismissed, plea to misdemeanor offense, no jail sentence, client allowed to possess medical marijuana while on probation.

Domestic Violence with Injury--All Charges Dismissed Mid-Trial (Marin County) Case dismissed in middle of trial. Alleged victim had been on the witness stand for one afternoon. Prosecution decided to dismiss the case. Client was exonerated completely.

DUI, Jury Trial, .12/.12 breath test—Not Guilty All Counts (Marin County) Jury trial in DUI breath test case. Client acquitted of all counts.

Embezzlement from Employer, Theft--All Charges Dismissed (San Francisco County) Convinced prosecutor to refer matter to community justice court. Case was dismissed after client repaid loss and completed counseling.

Felony Burglary, Felony Theft, Unlawful Use of Forged Credit Cards--All Charges Dismissed (Santa Clara County) All charges dismissed prior to preliminary hearing.

Felony Domestic Assault w/Grave Bodily Injury--No Jail, Home Detention Sentence (San Francisco County) Client had been facing jail sentence and a felony strike conviction due to serious injury involved. Case settled for home detention and charge that is reducible to misdemeanor.

Child Abuse--All Charges Dismissed (San Mateo County) Client charged with child abuse. All charges dismissed.

DUI, .16 blood test--Case Dismissed (San Mateo County) Motion to suppress granted, case dismissed before trial.

DUI, Jury Trial, .17/.19 breath test--Hung Jury (Marin County) Mistrial declared. Jury unable to convict on either count.

Domestic Violence, Battery--Petition for Factual Innocence Granted (San Francisco County) Case discharged, petition for factual innocence filed, petition granted.

Embezzlement, Petty Theft from Employer--Case Dismissed (San Mateo County) Case dismissed after completion of community service and restitution.

Domestic Violence, Battery, Injuring Wireless Device, Vandalism—Case Dismissed (Marin County) All charges dismissed after case was set for trial.

Battery--Case Dismissed (San Francisco County) Case sent to community justice court and later dismissed.

Multiple Felony Charges, Sexual Misconduct--All Felony Charges Dismissed, No Jail and No Registration (San Francisco County) Misdemeanor plea. No jail sentence, no registration.

Pre-Filing, Battery--No Charges Filed (San Francisco County) Client arrested for battery. Intensive early defense investigation and witness interviews provided to the prosecution resulted in no charges filed.

DUI, Hit and Run, .16 blood test result--Reduced to Wet Reckless, No Jail Time (San Mateo County) Reduced to wet reckless, 12-hour DUI class, reduced fine, no jail.

Felony Theft--Reduced to Misdemeanor (Marin County) Felony theft charges reduced to misdemeanor.

Pre-Filing, Felony Domestic Violence, Criminal Threats--No Charges Filed (Sonoma County) Client arrested for felony domestic violence and criminal threats. Defense investigation started immediately with reports to the prosecution. No charges filed.

Rape Charge Dismissed--Negotiated Plea to Lesser Offense (San Mateo County) Client facing state prison in a rape case. After preliminary hearing, 995, and petition for writ filed, rape charge dismissed, case settled for lesser felony offense, w/registration, probation, and county jail sentence.

Felony Credit Fraud and Theft Case--All Felony Charges Dismissed (Santa Clara County) Case reduced to infraction charge, which did not impact client's immigration status.

DUI, .17/.17 breath test--Reduced to Wet Reckless (Alameda County) Reduced to wet reckless after extensive negotiations with prosecution and motion to suppress hearing.

Domestic Violence, False Imprisonment, Post-Judgment--Petition for Factual Innocence Granted (San Mateo County) Petition for factual innocence granted after lengthy motion filed and hearing held on behalf of client seeking U.S. citizenship.

Felon in Possession of Gun, with Prior Strike Felony--Motion to Dismiss Prior Strike Granted, 90 Days County Jail (San Mateo County) Client arrested for felon in possession of gun. Client had prior felony strike conviction. After preliminary hearing and motions were filed, client pled to the felony and the court granted defense motion to strike the prior strike at sentencing. 90 day county jail sentence with probation.

Auto Burglary, Post-Conviction--Motion to Reduce Sentence Granted (San Francisco County) Client was sentenced to 365 days jail over 10 years ago making him ineligible for U.S. citizenship. Motion to reduce sentence from 365 to 364 days was granted, making him eligible to become U.S. citizen.

Pre-Filing, Embezzlement, Fraud Investigation-Alleged Loss Over $100,000.00--No Charges Filed (San Francisco County) After 3 year police investigation and 1 year defense investigation with private investigator, law enforcement declined to pursue charges. Defense investigation had uncovered numerous favorable defense witnesses.

Pre-Filing-Assault w/Grave Bodily Injury, Elder Abuse Investigation--No Charges Filed (San Francisco County) No charges filed after investigation conducted by defense and presentation of exculpatory information to law enforcement.

Serious Felony Child Molestation Charges, Client Facing Long Prison Term--No Jail Time (Alameda County) This child molestation case settled after extensive defense investigation and negotiation with prosecution for a felony plea that involved no jail time, with probation, and registration.

Pre-Filing, Rape, False Imprisonment Investigation--No Charges Filed (San Francisco County) No charges filed after defense investigation led to exculpatory information and this was shared with law enforcement.

DUI--Military Diversion Granted, Case Dismissed (Marin County) Client, a military veteran, granted military diversion, case sent to Veterans court, case dismissed.

Pre-Filing, Felony Robbery Arrest, Felony Charges Discharged (San Francisco County) Client arrested for felony robbery. Intensive early defense investigation and communication with prosecution. Misdemeanor charges filed. Case settled for diversion plea and later dismissed.

Retrial in 50 to Life Three Strikes Case--Hung Jury, No Conviction, Client Released (San Mateo County) Client was facing 50 to life for a third strike accusation. Retrial resulted in hung jury, no conviction. Client was later released. Case involvement was as associate/second chair trial counsel.

Client Facing Lengthy State Prison Sentence--Numerous Serious Felonies Dismissed Morning of Trial, Credit for Time Served Plea (San Mateo County) Client was facing a lengthy state prison sentence for multiple accuser child molestation case. After extensive trial preparation and work with defense expert witness, and the presentation of mitigation evidence, case settled for a felony plea, no state prison, credit for time served, with felony probation and sex registration. Case involvement was as co-counsel with another attorney.

Jury Trial, Resisting Arrest--Hung Jury, Case Dismissed (Marin County) Client accused of resisting arrest. Jury trial resulted in hung jury. Case dismissed. Case was handled as deputy public defender.

DUI Jury Trial, .11/.12 breath test--Hung Jury, Case Dismissed (Marin County) Client accused of DUI with a .11/.12 breath test result. Hung jury on all charges. Case dismissed. Case was handled as deputy public defender.

Client Reviews
Mr. Sullivan helped me out during a very difficult time for me personally, and I am very satisfied with the outcome. He, unlike other attorneys that I spoke to, wasn't dramatic or falsely enthusiastic, and that was reassuring. He was savvy and realistic, experienced, a listener, flexible and affordable. D. Client
Over the past two years I have experienced extreme legal difficulties. We were unable to get help from anywhere. Within 24 hours of contacting Matt, I felt that I had finally found someone who could assist me in working towards resolving our situation. I highly recommend Mr. Sullivan. B. Client
I hired Mr. Sullivan to represent me in my DUI trial. He fought hard for me in a very difficult case, which we won. I was very happy with his services. It was obvious he cared about me and my case. He is a real attorney who will stand up for you. M.R.