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Violent Crimes

Violent crimes can include bar fights, street fights, discharge of firearms, and a whole host of other serious charges including attempted murder and murder.

Individuals have been charged with assault or battery even when they were not the primary aggressor. You may have valid claims of self-defense to raise. If the other party was injured or hospitalized; you could be facing allegations of causing grave bodily injury. If a weapon was involved, allegations of using a deadly weapon could be made against you.

Witnesses need to be identified and interviewed as soon as possible. Video evidence needs to be preserved. Medical records should be obtained and reviewed. Cell phone location data may need to be sought and analyzed. The defense of violent crimes in modern times requires a complete understanding of the varieties of digital and computer forensic evidence that may be available and may be important to your defense. Even email and social media accounts may have data relevant to your defense. All of this information must be sought and analyzed.

Violent crimes can carry lengthy prison sentences and must be defended by an attorney who is prepared to fight your case. Our office has years of experience defending persons accused of serious crimes of violence. We have defended cases in which our client was not the primary aggressor. Our office has also defended cases in which our client was the instigator of the fight, but there may be other significant mitigation that must be evaluated and presented. Some cases arise because a person has a mental health crisis, or ingests a drug unknowingly. There are a variety of circumstances that can give rise to a situation like this. Sometimes alcohol is involved. Even in cases in which our client believes they may have some culpability, we have worked with forensic experts, and investigators to seek reductions in the charges.

The severity of the charging decisions in this type of case can vary from county to county in the Bay Area. In some local Bay Area counties, something like a bar fight, may not be viewed as a big deal or a significant criminal offense. In other local counties, any type of physical altercation may be prosecuted aggressively and the punishment sought can be severe, and could include a lengthy county jail sentence or even a state prison sentence.

If you have an affirmative defense, like self-defense, it may be crucial to raise that defense at the early stages of your case. There may be other technical defenses available to you. As discussed above, any video evidence must be sought, and carefully scrutinized and reviewed. Most police officers or police agencies now require officers to use body cameras. What this means is that in most cases there is now extensive body camera video and audio evidence in the form of body camera videos. This evidence must be reviewed and potentially transcribed for use in court proceedings.

In case involving violence or injury, you should not hesitate to call an experienced criminal defense attorney. Call our office today to discuss your criminal law matter. If you have been accused of a violent crime early and prompt investigation is important.

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