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Practice Areas

Below is a list of our practice areas.

  • Criminal Trials: Our office handles criminal trial matters throughout the Bay Area.
  • DUI/DWI: Our office handles DUI cases, including felony DUI with injury cases.
  • DMV Hearings: Our office handles DMV hearings and DMV proceedings.
  • Domestic Violence, False Imprisonment: Our office handles domestic violence cases, including felony domestic violence with injury and criminal threat cases.
  • Violent Crimes, Assault and Battery: Our office handles assault, battery, and serious violent felony cases, including murder and manslaughter cases.
  • Sex Crimes, Child Molestation, Rape, Sexual Battery: Our office defends clients charged with child molestation, rape, and sexual battery.
  • White Collar Criminal Defense, Embezzlement, Financial Fraud, Real Estate Fraud: Our office handles all types of white collar cases, including real estate fraud and embezzlement.
  • Drug Crimes, Marijuana Offenses, Cultivation: Our office defends clients accused of drug crimes, including marijuana, cocaine, and methamphetamine sales or posession cases.
  • Firearm Offenses: Our office handles felon in possession of a firearm cases and other gun related charges.
  • Murder or Attempted Murder: Our office defends clients accused of murder or attempted murder.
  • Theft Crimes, Burglary, Robbery: Our office regularly handles robbery and theft cases.
  • Elder Abuse, Child Abuse: Our office handles cases involving elder abuse and child abuse accusations.
  • Computer Crimes: Our office handles the defense of cases involving computer crimes and internet crimes.
  • Vehicular Manslaughter: Our office handles cases involving allegations of vehicular manslaughter.
  • Federal Criminal Defense: Our office defends federal criminal cases in the Northern District of California.
  • Post-Conviction and Post-Arrest Relief: Our office handles all types of post-conviction and post-arrest matters, including New Trial Motions, Motions to Seal Arrest Records, Petitions for Factual Innocence, Expungements, Motions for Resentencing, and Motions to Reduce Felonies to Misdemeanors.
  • Petitions for Writ: Our office handles Petitions for Writ in the Court of Appeal.
  • Representation of Police Officers, Paramedics, Firefighters: Our office defends police officers, firefighters, and paramedics facing criminal and disciplinary cases.
  • Representation of Nurses and Medical Professionals: Our office defends nurses and medical professionals facing criminal charges and administrative investigations.
  • Licensing Matters: Our office assists clients being investigated by the Medical Board, Board of Psychology, Board of Nursing, Bureau of Real Estate, Department of Insurance, and other state agencies.
Client Reviews
Mr. Sullivan helped me out during a very difficult time for me personally, and I am very satisfied with the outcome. He, unlike other attorneys that I spoke to, wasn't dramatic or falsely enthusiastic, and that was reassuring. He was savvy and realistic, experienced, a listener, flexible and affordable. D. Client
Over the past two years I have experienced extreme legal difficulties. We were unable to get help from anywhere. Within 24 hours of contacting Matt, I felt that I had finally found someone who could assist me in working towards resolving our situation. I highly recommend Mr. Sullivan. B. Client
I hired Mr. Sullivan to represent me in my DUI trial. He fought hard for me in a very difficult case, which we won. I was very happy with his services. It was obvious he cared about me and my case. He is a real attorney who will stand up for you. M.R.