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Firearms Offenses

Even individuals who are legally entitled to own firearms, can be charged with firearms related crimes. A common offense is when an individual is arrested for carrying a lawfully registered firearm, concealed or loaded, on their person or in their vehicle in an unlawful manner. Concealable firearms, like handguns, must be transported in vehicles in a specific manner, in a locked trunk or locked container, not the glove compartment, and there are restrictions on how ammunition is carried as well.

If you are not entitled to own firearms, any firearm related offense can carry additional penalties. If you are carrying a stolen firearm, you can expect to face felony charges. Our office has successfully defended firearms cases throughout the Bay Area. We have recently handled unlawful possession of firearm cases, both felony and misdemeanor, in San Francisco County and San Mateo County. We have experience litigating search and seizure motions in this type of case. Success in this type of case does not always mean avoiding any conviction, but instead reducing the charges or reducing the potential jail or prison sentence. In a recent felon in possession of firearm matter in San Mateo County, our office was able to convince the court to strike the strike prior and the client received a county jail sentence instead of a state prison sentence. In a San Francisco matter, after client’s arrest, but before charges were filed, our office was able to convince the prosecution to discharge an assault weapons charge after proving the client was legally entitled to possess the assault weapon.

If you have been accused of any firearm related offense, whether it is for an unlawful or negligent discharge offense, concealed weapon offense, felon in possession of a firearm, or possession of an illegal assault weapon, you should contact our office to discuss your legal matter. You may have defenses available to you based upon the specific circumstances of your case. Sometimes there are search and seizure issues which must be litigated and argued. Knowledge of the firearm being in your vehicle may also be an issue, or transportation for a lawful purpose. Many firearm charges can form the basis for sentencing enhancements and can carry state prison time.

We are available for a confidential consultation regarding all firearms offenses.

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