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Domestic Violence in San Francisco

When you need a capable San Francisco domestic violence attorney, count on the Law Office of Matt Sullivan for unparalleled legal representation and guidance. Domestic violence is an offense that is heavily punished under California law. Even if you are being investigated and have not been arrested, it is to your benefit to consult with an experienced lawyer. Once law enforcement is involved, it is no longer in your hands. By contacting San Francisco domestic violence lawyer Matt Sullivan immediately, defense actions can be initiated in order to protect you from the harsh penalties you may face if convicted.

Domestic violence encompasses a wide scope of offenses including assault, trespassing, spousal or child abuse, harassment and restraining order violations. Regardless of the offense you have been accused of or arrested for, it is critical that you obtain the services of a skilled San Francisco domestic violence attorney right away. A conviction will have a negative impact on other issues including having access to your home/property, child visitation/custody, and other areas of your life.

Whether you are innocent or believe you may have violated the law, an experienced San Francisco domestic violence lawyer can assist you so that the negative impact to your life is lessened. If convicted, you may face substantial fines along with jail/prison time, court ordered anger management classes, even restricted access to your own children. A permanent criminal record will impact many areas of your life, including your career and/or employment opportunities.

Attorneys who concentrate in this area of the law understand that simple arguments often become heated exchanges. You may be shocked to find that your spouse/partner has accused you of domestic violence, and feel that you have not done anything that would be considered violent or a threat of harm. However, never attempt to explain this to police in order to get yourself out of the situation, as they are not in a position to determine your guilt or innocence. Only a capable San Francisco domestic violence attorney can effectively prevent your rights from being violated by police or prosecutors.

These types of cases are often complex; although you do have rights, police sometimes do not respect those rights because of the pressure to make an arrest of at least one of the parties in a domestic violence case. Two of the most important rights you have are your right to remain silent, and your right to an attorney. Do not let law enforcement persuade you into saying anything without the presence of your lawyer.

If you have been charged with domestic violence or are being investigated, do not hesitate to contact a qualified San Francisco domestic violence lawyer. At the Law Office of Matt Sullivan, you can count on strong, effective legal counsel and a caring, creative, committed advocate for you.

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